26 August, 2010

What is the CO2 Cost of War?

Why did I write this? Why do I ask you to sign it?..............I felt the need.

For most of my life I have been following some of the better teachings my mother had to offer, such as treating the planet with respect. Don't throw trash on the ground. Don't just leave the light on all over the house. Don't waste food or water. I honestly, at least as a kid, thought that everyone did these same things! I learned to recycle in school, and carried that with me. I even keep a box of recycling under my desk at work to this day!

The problem is, in my adulthood, I've realized how few people around me make any of those same efforts, and that includes the ones that are easy, like using a recycling bin at home. That is heartbreaking at best, and downright shameful at worst! What purpose can being lazy with the environment serve? What possible gain is there in pointing fingers and ducking the blame, when people are starving, when the global temperature is at the precipice, and when CO2 is climbing, and climbing as if it were the national debt!

There are groups out there who spend their time educating and trying to convince people to cooperate with the effort, and personal initiatives and efforts are VERY important to the cause. With that being said though, there are too many corporations, cities, counties, and COUNTRIES who are too busy to do anything more than present token efforts and spout pretty words about the environment, and climate change, and the science that lead them to it.

Pretty words don't make floods evaporate. Pretty words don't dissipate a hurricane. Pretty words don't pull clouds of CO2 out of the upper atmosphere. Pretty words certainly don't make polar ice caps grow, and glaciers reappear. Words are useless when there is not effort made to stand up for them.

Governments declare war on everything; the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war in Iraq. Humans LOVE that word; war, because it makes a statement! It says---HERE I AM, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME!!! Even when a ‘war’ is not altruistic, or of humanitarian importance, calling it WAR still makes a bold statement about the logic (or even lack of same) involved.

Where is the war on pollution? Where is the war on CO2 emissions? Where is the war on animal, or planetary abuse? What we’ve done to the planet is awful, and most of us know it, and yet few of us are making an effort to reverse it. That is what this petition is about. It is about asking those who should feel responsible to stand up and accept the job of cleaning it up! It is about the global population to say “ENOUGH! You have to stop it! Reduce it! Replace it! And, not at further cost of the environment”

I am asking our US government and military to please step up and take responsibility, proactively, so that we really can say “We did everything we could possibly do.” Please read my petition and consider if you’re on board. I am opening this up globally. The US has a military presence all over the globe, which means that we are causing damage to the environments of other countries as well, and we should be completely willing to combat the emissions we cause, for the good of all creatures, and the planet itself. If you’d like to participate in this effort, please see the links below. The first one will lead to the C2NN post so you can view the comments of other care2 members. The second one is the direct link to the petition itself.



Mary R. Coleman

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