17 October, 2010

More than Just Wide Open

More than Just Wide Open

You all see those shackles round your ankles;
you stare at them
with dull recollection in your eyes
but no more than that.
NO more than a mild glimmer
of that which you clearly should have been.

The rusty iron of it continues waiting;
until your feet are deeply rooted in soil,
while they
aim to wallow in their spoils of oil and ire.

They bind tighter; the wheel of the rack,
to which they strap you.
constricting; suffocating of souls.
Where once was desperation,
lives only acquiescence.
Where once you all stood your ground,
it's now sold.

Now only will they trudge along,
dragging chains of oppression,
bought and paid for in acceptance of
the fists that rule.
These meek; maintaining silence.
Whilst facing plastic columns
steeped only in their blood.
What you're saying: this is the history you long for.
Just one more story destined
not ever to be told.


©2010, saerenphoenix