13 April, 2016

Decisions I make for our greater good...

So, now that I have written about the strange changes in my life, it might make sense when I start going on diatribes about things that bother me as a long time and a new mom. 

One of the things I have decided to do for my son and family, is to reincorporate as many naturally derived products as possible. Between My husband's horrible sensitive skin problems and my fear of GMO foods making more problems for future generations (and for my own kids) we have made a lot of expensive changes, but we believe it o be for the best. My son gets organic formula and over 50% of his baby food is organic. We switched to free and clear soaps and chemicals in our home (as beat we can when its not entirely up to us but we pay for everything). No boxed 'foods' with unregnisable 'ingredients' and so on. 

Let me tell you though, it is not that easy to make sure you are buying something naturally derived though, when there are no rules that say companies have to tell you what is in the cleaners you use. I found that out the hard way in trying to research what would be safe to use around an infant. That brought me around a big maze of websites and expensive options I couldn't afford!!  However, it also reintroduced me to Seventh Generation products and a site they host called Generation Good! (@SeventhGeneration @GenerationGood #ComeClean)

I have been given opportunities to receive free samples of laundry detergent, baby wipes, get free coupons, and will even be hosting a Healthy Baby Home party soon, and they are providing me the kit for free!!  

It also brought me to support a cause being upheld by Seventh Generation, called #ComeClean which is requesting legislation that would require companies to publish the full chemical contents of their products so that consumers can make truly informed decisions about the cleaning products they use in their homes around their families. 

I can't begin to tell you how much this campaign means to be as an environmentally conscious person who has supported various causes against our carbon footprint and for renewable energy options. This is just another layer to the problem!!  If we expose our children to unsafe chemicals in laundry or dish detergents then we aren't keeping them as safe as we wish we were. Its like rolling the dice to see what crazy cancer they are going to develop later. That's a lottery I can live without. 

So, then we need to require companies to #ComeClean. If companies had to tell us what was in that bottle of dish soap then perhaps they would also consider whether they are making environmentally conscious decisions about the manufacture of these products. If we know what is in it then perhaps the composition will start being safer, and at least I can make the decision not to buy something completely noxious in nature!!

This cause is simple and just!  So I urge everyone to go to Seventh Generation's site and sign up for Generation Good, or at least take up the #ComeClean cause with Seventh Generation and all of their partners, because it is the right thing tondo for the future. 

Living in this new life...

So much has changed in my little corner of the world. Really, it feels like I am living a while new life. There have definitely been some amazing things. There have been some terrible changes, too. My mother passed away horribly in November of 2014. We weren't the average mother-daughter unit but she was the only mom I had so it was still awful. 

Earlier in 2014 my husband and I made the difficult decision to move in with my quadruplegic mother-in-law to take care of her full time. It also meant we lost all sense of privacy and security as it is also necessary to have home health workers in our home up to eleven and a half hours a day, every day. It's not easy to deal with that kind of stress but we manage as best we can. 

Now for the really big changes. 

In January of 2015 my husband and I found out we were pregnant. That's right, thirteen and a half years into our life together, seven and a half years into a marriage, not to mention being 36 years old and living in our new life; part fish bowl part microscope, a baby was the last thing we planned or expected. Funny story, I was on the pill when the first pregnancy announced itself too!  One wouldn't expect that to happen a second time. What we also found out was that our son was the product of my husband trying to make a really crappy birthday better. What that also meant was that it was before spending a month at the hospital watching my mother die slowly, a piece at a time. It meant we were almost three months along when we found out. Furthermore it meant that there were a lot of decisions to be made about how we were going to handle the day to day. 

My husband tried to be a super hero and do everything for me. I mean everything, even constantly helping me up or tucking me into bed. He wanted to make sure that my experience being pregnant was as different as possible from my first one. He was amazing. He went to almost every appointment with me, took pictures so he could remember my belly. He would spend time cuddling with my belly so he could feel close to the baby. He was amazing. He did everything he ould do, een when he barely had time while taking care of his mom. In the hospital he was my shield, keeping people away from me and making me feel safe, my anxiety got so bad when I was pregnant. 

In the end I lived through it, and I wasn't alone for once!  My first pregnancy was a small nightmare that my husband always wished he could do something about. Let me tell you, he certainly made up for another's mistakes. That is why he is my best friend. 

So, we welcomed our son in July of 2015, making the age difference between him and our daughter the same as myself and my youngest brother; something I said I'd never do...but what did I know. 

The final change that sealed that whole 'different life' theory:  I am now a stay at home mom. I have worked almost non stop since turning 16, and 20 years later I spend my days entertaining an infant because we realised my poor husband could not balance all of his responsibilities to his mother while trying to care for an infant with needs and schedules. His mother sadly made that impossible for him, but she is a story for another day. 

Regardless, as crazy as the last few years have been crazy and amazing and as much as was never in the plan, we love our little monkey man, Strummer more than we ever thought possible. I had given up my dream of having another child ages ago for multiple reasons, but the universe clearly had other ideas.