09 June, 2008

The Pain of Two; for One

The Pain of Two; for One

Let these two bodies become separate
for there is a cancer invading both unless
these rocky rivers are dammed up.
I dangled this fisher’s hook in the hopes
that one would come to aid the other, only
now I realise, blind eyes were best.
Had I not called out to this one for the
sake of that other, these two might have
been at an advantage; existence tranquil.
Failure becomes me as I hang my head
and soak up the shame of a hundred
broken hearts within my own.
This dark dweller set up his camp and
that other should have been expectant
of such, this ongoing lot of pain.
I should not have called out in the dark
when I knew he would come and so too
would I sink his ship with ours.
What have I done, why did I search for
him to save the one? I know and yet
I also know not, and regret.
Now I must turn lose such a prize catch,
set sail that one so he might be saved,
yet pain for both I fear in this.
I must sever this knot in two, and give
one of these ones a fighting chance of
happiness, devastation be it.


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