14 June, 2008

When Dylan Met Chelsea

When Dylan met Chelsea

How you must have loved her, spending
those last of your shadow-casted days in
her threatening embrace, sweet nectar
not withstanding as you lie there spilling
all your secrets in the years forward you
would miss, as you miss her all the same.

Little did you know, as little as she would
know then of the many, many lovers who
would fall down at her feet, be cast out.
What gifts, to you she offered and would
you accept in your graceful manner to let
your soul breath freely for mere seconds.

Sorrowed curtain secludes you away from
mindful eyes of strangers until no further
eyes your eye would again meet. Your pain
imprinted livelihood stringing letter after
letter onto pages you would never dream to
realize; as only she might have gifted.

Was her embrace so intricately binding?
I think you would not have left even if you
had seen one glimpse of the domination
you would deny to have existence by mere
words, striking words but fraught with fear.
I could have adored you if to save you this.

Death would have you whether my heart
beats or does not and without you I feel a
loss I may still have felt if you had survived.
Oh sorrow at your passing, if only I could
have spoken, to hear you potent voice, to
love you from afar, had she not yet come.


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