25 April, 2009

Fair in Love and War?

Fair in Love and War?

I wasn’t really watching when it happened,
the backdrop of the world, dropped back
and to these two threads I say, or would have said;
were I to have realized when I had a chance…?
Alas, my thoughts have betrayed me…for what?
These two hearts have beat within my chest.
When one grows stronger, the other wants
and cannot relinquish the wheel to its other,
then, grows stronger too, so as to retaliate.
Why must these arms remain together?
Whence one would reach out to the east,
its brother cries, onward, onward, shall
I stay my course I’ve chosen in the west.
Yet, I have dreamed of alternative realities;
ones of which both frighten, and exhilarate.
What if the east had won the battle, hmm?
What would I see beyond this window? I…
I mustn’t ask these things; nor will I suffer
losing touch with my spark, my only sanity.
Fate drove me to this, and while she is so,
this cruel, unruly mistress, she has summoned;
forged this great divide within my aching breast.
There is a lesson, a purpose, if only I would see.
To what end? My very breath is my enemy!!
What of my warring countries, distant satellites,
these beacons holding wholly different dreams?
I was never at the centre, I see that now. Yet;
with that truth, I am but shred entirely in two.
Beneath this toughened skin, there is not one
of two halves, but two of self; I am doomed.
Such an epiphany and such dawning guilt;
and acquiescence…for to see no chance, no hope,
and no glimmer of true satisfaction left for we.

---phoenix--- April 25, 2009

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