06 October, 2014

So Swiftly Tilted

So Swiftly Tilted

So, what is the new game we play, my dear?
Sometimes it seems yellow, sometimes blue. 
Sometimes tinted thinly red round the edges.
And sometimes light is swallowed in a black. 
Sometimes the tables tilt and I lean far away,
And sometimes am only wayward in protest. 
Then flip though; you, sometimes I can't say. 
Do you come forward or slip away, my dear?

What so frightens you? My curiosity waxing,
With the ebb and flow of your shaded eyes. 
What's mine is given for you, if it would stem. 
To know so little, but feel as to feel so much,
And seem to scream in whispers, encodes a
Silence; to masquerade a confusion as joy. 
I'd have you near, to be a dear and my laugh. 
Wishing wills to bend your ear, but also mine. 

The give and take, ours, a dance of madness
As to know I pay in kindnesses, as you give. 
When you are so eager to share the void for
What time affords, is as wills can allow carry. 
Take any that stages yellow, stemming blue. 
I'd have you black too, just do not see blind. 
I am not just for a joy, I'd have a sorrow, too. 
With all you have, what so little I handle you. 

I can carry silence so you may tell me peace. 
I'd wallow willingly of a trench to ease you by. 
Give me something, or take what you need, I
Am for you, well as for any who'd refuge here.
I just don't know the lyrics yet, but teach me. 
I'd build a library to hear by, but haven't tools. 
It is important, it is as it needs, and means to. 
Shaded by a lingo, to will safety as it can be. 

And all of this for sake of silly dance; sit here. 
Breathe this air, to watch the clouds with me. 
Give me this black, you've seen my jaded red. 
Knit out the blue to me, so I may dye it yellow. 
We can let the world turn, greens and browns. 
Sometimes its to paint pictures, or spill paint. 
But remember the game itself, finds purpose. 
To make the most of you, and for you by me. 


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