05 October, 2014

Glass Ceiling

Glass Ceiling 

It turned into a sinkhole, only it refused me. 
Instead it sank into the middle and settled. 
There is none who should have use for this. 
Should have been me, should have been,
Should have filed it into archives for good. 
There is no oxygen for me to breathe here. 

And the deeper I can fall, the colder it gets. 
And the longer, means my terminal velocity. 
Its the car crash at the end she would seek. 
Meant to feign but fool; shows despondency. 
They all see my weakness, and weaknesses. 
I tried to cut the power, tell me why I cannot. 

I do not want any of it, its all too thin, ebbing. 
It only humours me upon this sacred soil, but
Ground tremors and pit of stomach quakes. 
I wait to fall through the glass beneath me,
With bated breath, with all hope I have left. 
I have no interest in a glorious exit, just exit.  

In denial of the life itself, in denial of my eyes
And once I can no longer see my own face;
Trigger finger, set the dogs on me, i beg you. 
I want none of the grandiose, no posturing,
I just need to lie down before i hurt myself.
Last look upon all the things quieting to me. 


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