26 September, 2014

It Might

It Might

Its an interesting glow, isn't it?
It radiates outward and toward
And the chasm could consume it
But I could swear it was a nova
And I was blinded, yet enthralled. 
I'm not to see but it was everything. 
It might have been a grain of sand,
But mightn't be it a galaxy the same?

Touch my amazement, and say it,
Tell me a word and have it mean stars. 
Teach me so I may keep my stillness,
But breathe me into the vacuum and
Let me burn  alive and bask in spite
Of an eternal abyss, I harbour no fear. 
Bury me in the apocalypse that is the
Destroying of history to build a future. 

Leave me free of sinewy shackles and
Give me eyes to take consumed light. 
Break this boney prison and release a
Prism to reflect each plane for a billion. 
I've marred and marked and carved
Its flesh a thousand fold without joy. 
The simplest answer is usually truth. 
The simplest form must be the truer. 

Its a cosmos hidden within a shroud. 
It could have been a sliver of glass or
It might have been a drop of rain but
It was also a million waves if but one. 
Mirage or momentary mutation of the
Conscious or perhaps the sub and sum. 
Seconds could tip forward; backward 
And I would be rapt forever in this one. 


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