20 September, 2014

Its Just Better

Its Just Better

Another empty chapter finished before the prologue.

Another forward explanation, for another, and another.
They could stretch onward for miles in years if allowed.
Another necessary, if sadly evil slaying of the aftermath.
If I had but listened to the melody a little longer; instead...
My need for lines between the truth and their realities
Defines yet another character taken before their time.
It leaves behind a residue to awaken my deaths anew.
I could smell the raining before I saw the storm-heads.
I could taste the electricity, all its bitter mettle hollows.
I know that this is better, even swallowed bittersweet.
To let the birds fly free than send another bat to roost.
They are still my gifts accepted gladly in a moment.
They are with me always even when the pages; worn.
Its the insanity obscured just below the surface of me,
Thats where the lines blur and writhe in my intensity.
Their confusions root deep into the core of my love.
Once they reach its heart; the festering and diseases,
The cancers that eat new holes into the foundation.
Soon though, I'll be trapped there with only memories.
I cannot open the window without feeling something.
I can rarely close the door then, once its invaded me.
My only recourse is to warn them swiftly and let them
Leave my solitary confinement, to seal up any cracks.
Don't bring me your daylight please, I can only beg you.
Don't look upon me when its over, I can feel your weight.
The compounds of my thoughts will only swallow love.
It never meant the same to any of them either; I know.
I need to go back to sleep now, it has exhausted me.
If I could stop the machines, but still wander; heaven.
I'll bury this one now, with all the others and my hope
Please let me learn from mistakes of trust and need.



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