26 September, 2014

The Passage

The Passage

Its all so paper thin, a billion grains woven from a billion more. 
It only takes a few for genesis but then it exists exponentially. 
The beginning of the equation takes a form and a shape and
Winds onward into infinity even while imprisoned in the finite. 
And a fine thread begins to unravel from the edge of existence;
Separates and stretches toward darkness needing response.
The questions themselves are not really what matters to life,
But what can be learned within a web of questions answered. 

So what say you, interloper?  To trespass is to choose a path. 
Loosely spoken, so loosely intended, even the interpretations. 
The frailty of the essence is awe-inspiring, but painful witness. 
The sensitivities of the broken body are but detail of the whole.
What fevered passion makes the hearts' dance so polarising?
Help me to break free of this ethereal cage, shedding my skin,
So that I may draw nearer all these beacons both come or no. 
Never was but one, but there seemed hordes of possibilities. 

They cannot feel me, I am beneath them, dying slowly again. 
Fracture my consciousness and give and take my everything. 
I'll always let you torture this temple if to satisfy my curiosity. 
And when cracks web every inch, to kiss and tell you all I see. 
Hold me under just a little longer, love. I fear the dawn alone!
Turn me out if needs be, for I would suffer pain before passivity. 
Save for my own, I think. I would sell my soul than cost yours. 
And when you can no longer see my face, know you'll see me. 


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