26 May, 2008

Devil Unbecoming

Devil Unbecoming

You claim no green eyed devil stalks hallways
you and I walk hand in hand, though I hear it,
smell his stench breath and see his claw marks
on these walls, and wonder when you’d let him
come crawling back to make a mockery of you?
Sacred are these bonds forged in tears; blood.
Diamond tether, circling round and round and
still this creature skulks in the darkest corners
of your fragile glass house, having brought you
stones to cast upon yourself with your blessing.

When the honesty of my unsung treasure has
lost the luster you had always seen, and there
is no kindred truth that once came so natural;
how can I know which path will lead by safely
rather than these constant pitfalls to which I
have become accustomed in my frustrations?
What chivalry may I offer; would abate such
necessity to slave to one who cowers darkly?
This rising octave tongue and invisible tears
have failed to leverage stronghold fashions.

Heart not given lightly, heart ripped out save
tattered shreds your hand did lay back into
comforting enclosure. That heart would not
suffer trespassing stranger’s whispered lies.
Concealments are the nature of automatons,
but no treachery toward such skilled master
could dwell in comfort here, thousand shards,
pinpricks, stabbing swords into beating heart.
This body has been yours, muscle housing of
the soul was always, was of you at the outset.

Cast out this demon and give back that which
you’ve taken without reason calling toward.
Giving professed gifts of trust with closed eye
and crossed hatched finger is to demean this,
to cast me off with lecherous faces of old days.
To cut out my tongue and suffer treason artists
in my stead is only to prove that you did never
see the truth that stood in my guise, and since
I know your hands; eyes as well I know my own,
this beast has no place here where I may walk.


any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008

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