28 May, 2008

Questing in the Carnival

Questing in the Carnival

Whirlwind colours drawing past my eyes,
light speed rainbow, sonic shots fired from
this cosmic firearm of mine uneventful birth.
Dazzling gyroscope sent spinning forth into
the unknown without logic or direction save
to prosper, to go forth into this and multiply.
The assumed simplicity of this commotion,
having no greater purpose than to mix new
watercolours and paint in new kaleidoscope
bodies to continue without end or release...

To live for each day seems more worthwhile,
to endeavour to experience each moment;
second, minute, hour... day, month, YEARS;
we’re handed all these years to walk the face
and map out each eye, each handshake, or
love and heartbreak, filling these to bursting!
What lends to the blind eye to make the day
so meaningless, so lacking, so wastefully won?
I collect these coins, their faces and dates and
place them here in my back pocket, no regret!

I mustn’t be caught in this web of indifference.
I can stop moving without my breathing, cease.
To miss a single thread of the tapestry proffered
would be to abandon this capsule and sell out its
wispy passenger, never playing this game again.
Reaching onward, grasping onto concrete surface,
I will stop crudely manufactured cycles; dead halt!
A coaster’s hills; a more worthy testament than a
carousel’s spinning; no hint of deviancy may dwell.
Celebrate existence, never truly to lie down, or die.


any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008

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