25 May, 2008

Preferential Indifference

Preferential Indifference

I have looked past the curtain of the void and seen
the haze beyond what attempts to give shape to all
that has no definition. Without boundary hindrance
I can trespass there and seek out that which brought
forth from my own soul, the shroud that lay without
rather than within. I see the colourful cloaks about
each nameless would-be transient soldier, if cast off
were all such grappling, contaminating force-fields.

Calm before the storm; calamity of miscreant faithful
hosts at mayhem’s dawning. Follows leading sons, lo
claims no daughter would be worthy or proved whole.
Abused and forgotten symbiotic intangibility abandons
in search of another, what might prove to refute such
false prophetic yearning. Hope denied each time and
onward moving in a constant circle, rings of harrowing
cycles written out in sand and bone, circumstantially.

Why wouldst each categorise what shall not suffer such
suffocation; beasts of gnashing teeth and clawing digits?
Is there no shred of relish in the questions of the here,
the now and why that cannot serve you all to this end?
Err of humanity would be continuation of controlling
machinations in the names of glorified passive entities.
Pray, do these unconscious answer swiftly to heathen
brethren nailing feet to pedestals of unending grief?

Inalienable truths were etched upon the beating fists
within the cages of each hindered lonely, but reason
abandoned as the language was left in ruins, rotting
softly between the pages of memory, severed cruelly
at the hands of eternal prisoners through these acts
of choice by each and all that continued bowing at the
feet of indifference, of herded mindset congregation.
Warriors of apocalyptic storms shall vainly cry its name.


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