27 May, 2008

Reeling Me In

Reeling me In

Constantly I suffer superficial vindication.
Every two steps forward becomes pushed
backwards for two and two and two, your
sideways step becomes the force against.
Each conversation, explanation, deviation
from the path you lay sets me tilting off
with so little warning, excruciating pains
before I know what end I’ve judged falsely.
Claims from plastic lip fall on deafened ear,
each time wrestling myself to acceptance!
Solace feigns to be my companion for mere
moments, hastening therein until it sours;
that momentary fool becomes me after.
I think to unravel this tightening knot work
only finding hands bound up by those same.
Tiny stone in my throat becoming boulder,
and dark pathway downward threatens to
constrict, deepest chill of fear settling into
this pit with all these others, now colder still.
What nonsense is this I fall prey to nightly
as I crawl along the alley searching scraps?
I sought such promise, candid connection
but only gaining this concessionary fodder.
If like speaks to like; what origin could be
responsible for this tragic mesmerisation?
Hope unfounded yet finds no hopeful end.
Transcending familiarity in search of closure
seems the only solution finding me absolved.


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