29 May, 2008

Lost in Night

Lost In Night

I feel the madness coming for me like an old friend,
this exhilarating door sadly still working both ways.
Having searched the mouth to the river, to glimpse
the dam in the way, seen crushing my obstruction
I had thought to be happy, and yet the itching has
begun in the back of this expanding globe on high.
When neglected quills and parchment transports
me beyond the arena of the monstrous visionary,
I may solace in the isolation from tearful reproach.

Why then is this lack of footing equivalently felt?
Being abandoned by the mighty sword but spared
the lion’s den seems as though it would’ve pleased
those who may be frightened of his ferocious tooth,
yet having longed to excise these, all mine deepest
geyser heartaches I must face razor claw hitherto.
I came naked here; no preparation would have me
suited to the poltergeists that were standing just
past the scope of vision, waiting to carry me back.

I’ve opened this door and though I dare not close it;
I must consider the repercussions of this uncharted
jaunt into these ill-used plains, sanity cannot spare
this battered land even one more inch of ground for
fresh graves to fill in swiftly; that even now are dug.
To suffer these darkening terrors has ne’er proved
a fruitful course for reclamation of these forgotten
rivers running between beating muscle, glowing orb,
and tattered soul, spirit help me as I stay this course.


any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008(Please contact the author with questions.)

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