29 May, 2008

Optimised Paranoia

Optimised Paranoia

What would you have of me now?
Ignorantly drawn to little points of
light, like a moth, as if this beacon
were a part of the natural order of
my impractical microcosmic state.

What if I unzip this skin, crawling
inside some temporary host, will
that in turn be more suitable for
these moments of misconceived,
dare say, recklessly deviated will?

I attempted traveling this recess
once, these stretching years ago
and found that passage blocked.
Barred by your sense of reason,
and saved me in spite of myself.

Those years are calling after me.
I hear them whispering, chanting
the words, the names I’ve tried
to forget, to carve out, to leave
to whence they’d come for me.

This should have been easy, and
I should not quest to question my
diamond verses this Trojan horse.
Facetted paranoia chewing gaping
holes into fabric, I’ll sooner be lost.


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