25 May, 2008

Naked Portrait of the Author

Naked Portrait of the Author

You peeled back all these petals as if they weren’t there
and accepted all the horrors within with no hint, nor any
trace of malice in your eyes; in your stormy smiling eyes.
I fought your intrusion, yet fought against that fight with
all the hopes of dreams that lay wilting on the vine there.
I overturned that cup I held, at your feet and let forth its
rush, the current of all these bottled passions and you---
you sat anxiously, eagerly, and drank up all these poisons
and asked me to refill that chalice unto my contentment.

Soft wings gently enfolded my abandoned nature, found,
salved, dressed those wounds; encouraged the mending.
Healing hands, healing heart, you began to mix and to lay
mortar and brick to replace the crumbling ruins in which
we two, you and I, stood together; might have been first.
No walls to break down stood between we two, cautious
though; you proceeded gently, permission be your guide.
No touch, nor whispering lips came to this body, uninvited.
No forced intention, no assumed ownership of this occurred.

Swiftly did union find unavoidable shelter, and gentler still
entering misused gateways gaining access to that loveliest
creature buried deep within, through sinew passage and
further still until all reason came to be alive with your skin.
All manner of knowledge translated on your tongue and to
my ear in eerie silent voices, shared between kindred spirits.
How I so want, without abandon, every timeless moment
yet to come for you and I, eager to imagine the inevitable
juxtaposed signature to bare us forward to the end of time.


any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008

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