31 May, 2008

Letters to No Other

Letters to No Other

You had never sought to rely on the kindness of strangers
though you claim a few kindred spirits would be to delight.
You have never thought to band together with the others
who live outside your barrier head, because you cannot
see what they attempt to hide from you beyond the wall?
Would be often found sitting in corners licking wounds that
you need not explain; having no one else to explain them to.
Now you can only love them from a distance, may it be brief
yet gaping distance still will it be, and you remain cowering
in this silence manifest; at your own idle devil hands be it!

I would have spat into your face the first time I laid eyes on
its narrowing, separatist guise and yet I stood indolently by
as you laid to ruin all of these things I longed to have kept.
How could I have mistaken you for any tranquil host here?
If I could rename you and in turn repossess all those simple
sacrificially squandered trinkets of my being I would do so
in a moment, may no uncertainty offer further trepidation.
I may well have been someone else; however I stand by, at
this juncture as the world shifts past my eyes and looks away.
I suffered a fool of my own design; now we fall forth together.

I thought to run away from broken mirrors and stained glass
modelled after my own visage, yet every corner leads me
back here straightaway. I take step after step and realise
the ground beneath moves in time with your desperation.
You will be the sepulchre within which I am laid to rest with
no word of kindness, only your laughter at my rapid defeat.
We are all children wresting with belongings from ancestral
ghosts, mental impregnation of historic egotistical recreation.
You’ve passed your demons and with them you pass a torch
so I’ll set fire to my progeny in your name; with your blessing.


Any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008(Please contact the author with questions.)

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