20 May, 2008

Libel (formerly untitled)


I’ve answered my own question…
the time has come to shut the voices out,
as I knew it eventually would come to this.
the company of others, hindrance be it;
the price is to be gutted, fish out of water,
too high, and my soul can’t lose another shred
I’ve paid too dearly so far and, so far still
the balance never seeming to rescind.
what other answer than this? NONE!

Never seen me from the outset,
no one, no one, no one to paint me here.
all there is, the face that I’ve tried to shape
to be my own…falters easily every time.
strings get cut and paper ashes fall away
revealing the wasted efforts beneath.
lie, lie, lie over and over again and to
believe one’s own farce is to give up.
I did this, I gave away my treasures.

NO MORE…I will keep my soul inside me
and let the blood flow outward once more.
the river, ignorantly tracing through these
wasted years, I’ve wasted years and yet
I still found you, my love…I found it here
where it was all along but silenced by
invited infidels and though I knew it, I
did not know, I never realised I’d still left
my self in the past, but I’m here now.


any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008(Please contact the author with questions.)

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