19 May, 2008

The Extent of Void

The extent of Void

With the harsh shadow of cataclysmic undertones
I set my sights forward and walk the edge of the void.
No questions can truly be answered by anyone
other than ones self with any certainty of being.
I must step further, where eyes have seen not clearly.
If only to find the reflection of my self staring back
into the depths of my own soul for the first time,
and must not blink, for to do so would be to miss it.

Within that void lay the centre of all things, and all
are too great and too small without change of
perspective or character or definition of any sort.
To focus is to unfocus and accept all things as they are.
To do so is to surrender what opinions one has formed
and to finally see the truth of that which is searched.
To what end will this laden question connect me to
these things I feel in the recesses of my consciousness?

I must not lose myself, or I will not understand but I
must lose my self in order to feel its breadth upon me.
Fear makes fools of us all in the grand scheme of this,
this unending search through the toils of the unknown;
the sea of the collective unconscious, the soul of all things.
I must not be fooled. I must hear the song and breathe it
like the first sweet breath of birth, the dawn of life itself.
I must not fear the loss of physical existence, to this end.

I will connect this thread and follow it to my own destiny.
I will muster this strength from the depths of my being
and channel it upward, through stomach, plexus, and heart,
through throat and into the unseen eye within each of us.
From my own crown, and onward still, until I feel them
and join them there until I drown within the sea of creation.
Only then will the journey of this life end for a time and with
it I receive the knowledge of all existence, the only way left.

any copying/reproduction/distribution of this writing, in whole or in part, without express permission from the author is strictly prohibited. ©SaerenPhoenix 2008
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